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Dreaming in Hues - Nevea Lane - Interracial Romance Author

Come in and let your passions, dreams and hopes collide.


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I love Autumn!  I love the smell, the sounds of leaves crunching under your feet.  Your eyes become sensitive to all the sensitive hues of orange, yellow and gold...  Which is why I had to give Autumn its own book in the Seasons of Love series.   There was "Disturbing the Yuletide" then "Shaking up the New Year" and now you have "Falling Leaves in Autumn." Check out the excerpt below and enjoy! 

Justine Marshall is in a mood. Not that she doesn’t adore the fact that her best friend Topaz is was marrying the great love of her life; she’s ecstatic, but being alone while trying to plan the wedding to end all weddings has her in a funk and admittedly jealous. In an effort to keep her emotions from spilling into Topaz’s happy day, Justine comes up with one surefire solution: find a bed buddy. 

Clark Pinot has been trying to get Justine’s attention for months, which is the only reason he volunteered to go shopping with the guarded woman in the first place. When she comes to him with the ridiculous idea of being her “booty call,” he sees it as the one opportunity to prove he isn’t the Casanova she thinks he is and what he wants is much more than a tumble in the sack. Breaking down Justine’s defenses won’t be easy, but he’s determined to see them fall like the leaves in autumn.


The sun was setting, casting a comforting orange glow over the turning leaves. It was my favorite time of year, the transition into autumn, and I found the hues of oranges, yellows, and reds comforting. Taking in a deep breath, letting the partially chilled air fill my lungs, I knew I had to get a grip. What are you doing? You know dang well Clark Pinot is nothing but a rolling stone with an accent. Who’s to say you can’t have a bit of a fling before he leaves? I sighed. Flings weren’t in my nature. Even as I tried to summon up some of my courage to just flirt with the man, I couldn’t even do that. It’s funny how when you are warring with yourself, you can’t pick a side. 

“Well that is one way to end a discussion.” His voice made me gasp. It was a rich baritone that vibrated when he laughed, like it was doing now. I had to cross my legs to keep my wayward womanhood under control. 

“There was nothing to discuss. You have your opinion, and I’ve got mine. You don’t make it in this world without having to drop the rose-colored glasses sometimes. I’m not jaded on love, I just don’t think it is perfect, and I haven’t found the other half to my imperfection yet, just like you, Clark.” 

“I can see that, Justine.” Oh the way he said my name made me want to curl up beside him and purr. Yet, I still couldn’t bring myself to even entertain the idea of making a bed buddy out of Clark. It would be too dangerous. 

“So, you want to take some bags with you back to…” His lips touched mine before I even realized he was standing that close to me. It was a gentle, tentative, and explorative kiss that left me breathless. His hand, which was resting slightly on my shoulder, moved down my biceps, down my forearm, and then, just when I thought I couldn’t take any more of his subtle touches, his large, tanned fingers intertwined with mine. It wasn’t the kisses I’d read about and hoped for in my novels, the ones that bruise your lips, but a light kiss, an appetizer with the promise of so much more.

Aquarian Stars Available at Mocha Memoirs Press

Nikolas Perminov’s assignment in America was finished. His project was a success, and now he could go home to his beloved Russia and hide behind his telescope. He couldn’t help to feel a sense of loss when he realized his assignment being finished meant that he would no longer see his assistant, Eloise. He was sure that Eloise didn’t look at him as a man but as her bore of a boss.

Eloise, however, couldn’t get to sleep at night without thinking about her sexy boss and those azure eyes that hid behind his glasses. If it were up to her, she would throw herself at him and make him whisper Russian phrases in her ear. She also knew that being the hellion she was, she would never fit into his organized world. With one night left together, these two will need help from the stars to see they are perfect for each other.

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After toiling, meditating and prayer.... Are you ready to meet Lucian Covaci and Ronni Cadell?




Ronni Cadell’s business is in trouble, but she can hardly concentrate on her professional life when her mother is constantly trying to set her up on dates and nagging her about dying alone and miserable. 

Corporate raider Lucian Covaci knows Ronni’s business is floundering and she has been dodging his company’s attempts to sit her down and buy her out.  Although he’s normally the silent out-of-sight type owner, Lucian takes her elusiveness in his own hands.  Ronni can’t dodge Lucian when he waltzes into her charity fundraiser and places a ridiculously high bid for an hour of her time.

Ronni can’t believe her luck when Lucian places a bid for a tour of her company.  Lucian can’t believe he just acted so uncharacteristically just to meet a client.  Now Lucian must convince Ronni that his interest in her goes beyond just business.  

These characters took a while to development.  I spent a few months just coming up with their traits and habits.   I blogged about them, gave them their own pages on my blog. and Jayha and 'da crew' made them soar and fly.  

What you want an excerpt?   Ok... lol


It was difficult to pretend he wasn’t enthused to spend more time with Ms. Cadell, but Lucian was having an even harder time convincing himself that it was more for business than pleasure.   From the moment she’d walked up to him, he knew he had gotten himself into unfamiliar territory.   Yet he was also the same man who’d struck off to America not knowing anything except that he needed to succeed. 

Lucian watched her as her eyes scanned the crowd.  Ronni had the type of personality that any man would want to be around, and he couldn’t quite understand why Darius would have called her a stubborn little thing.  She didn’t seem stubborn, and the way that dress hugged all of her ample curves, she wasn’t little.  Of course, Lucian hadn’t told her he was one half of the company that was trying to buy hers.  He still didn’t know what compelled him to bid one thousand dollars on a tour of her company, but he felt justified after seeing the smile that lit up her beautiful face like a night sky.

Awestruck by her smile, Lucian felt himself actually smile back. Damn, it hurt to exercise those muscles.  To cover his obvious discomfort with the act of smiling, Lucian reached up to rub his chin, feeling the stubble peppering his face.  He greatly needed to shave, and get some sleep, but he wasn’t ready to make the drive back home yet. 

As he watched his prey tiptoe toward him, he looked down at her shoes.  Although he never did understand why women subjected themselves to that form of torture, he had to admit Ronni’s calves looked damn delicious when she walked in those black stilettos, although they were still ridiculous. 

Ronni looked almost relieved when she finally stood in front of him.  Before she could utter a word, Lucian picked her up and carried her newlywed-style to the fountain he’d spied hidden behind the hedges of the massive lawn.   He felt something swell inside of him as she clung to him, not protesting the fact that he’d just picked her up like a ravaging barbarian.  Holding Ronni in his arms at that moment just felt right, and he loathed putting her down when he reached the stone fountain.  Despite his desire to keep holding her, Lucian settled Ronni down on the edge of the gurgling Greek fountain and knelt before her, plucking off her stilettos.  Dipping his hand into the cool clear water of the fountain, Lucian scooped out some water and sprinkled it on her toes and began to massage her feet.

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Nevea Lane is an author of interracial romance.  Her stories will have an element of real mixed with the unexpected and a dose of humor.  There is a world out there that is waiting to be explored by authors who love the thought of cultures, ideas and beliefs mingling and letting passion take them where they will.  Nevea is one of those explorers.   She likes to push the boundaries, and take you further than you would dare on your own.    Are you ready for a passion explosion?

Let her inhabit your imagination and enrich your senses with vivid tales of passion, love and lust. 


New Ebook - waiting in essex - available now

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Paxton Wainwright never planned on coming home to Essex, Connecticut, especially after fifteen years of being free of the title of the `mayor’s son’. The small town held nothing but dark memories and an unrequited need for one female, Delilah Gibbs.

Imagine his surprise when he returned home to see none other than Delilah in his father’s bedroom, acting as his physical therapist.   Paxton still felt the same flash of need as he did all those years ago.

The question is, can he make Delilah feel it too?


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Vanessa Delray knew her herbs. She knew what to do with them, how to work them and how to get the best out of them. So when a tall dark brooding yet handsome man walks into her herbary, she knew he wanted something particular. He certainly wasn’t like her usual patrons who thought they were witches and warlocks. So what could he possibly need?

Gabriel Salvi wasn’t a witch or warlock: just immortal. Cursed because of his father’s transgressions, Gabriel was forced to live a life without love or anyone to call his own. His last hope of breaking the curse was an ancient aphrodisiac using the pungent licorice root. Living in a secluded cabin, Gabriel stumbled across Del Ray’s Herbal Haven and it’s owner, Vanessa Delray.

Gabriel wanted the licorice root to finally find his love. Little does he know Vanessa may be the only little bit of black licorice that he needs. Gabriel wanted the licorice root to finally find his love. Little does he know, Vanessa may be the only little bit of black licorice that he needs.

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Chased through Montana - Availabe now at btp

Chased through Montana is available now at Beautiful Trouble Publishing.

**EXCERPT** “Ranger!” I yelled, coming around the corner at full speed. I skidded to a halt, the tips of my running shoes turning green in the lush grass. Ranger, the damned traitor, was lapping the face of someone. The dog’s tail was wagging like he’d just found his best friend. Then, the someone spoke. “Okay, okay lil’ buddy. Since I just fed my girls, I guess I can feed you too. Where’s your papa?” The man’s melodious voice flicked a switch in my body. His tone was a deep and rich vibrato with a hint of a Southern drawl. Yes, his voice was like whisky, and I was already drunk. I bit my lower lip to get myself into check, or to stop the moan that rose to my throat. Five years of celibacy and this man had me wanting to throw my panties at him, and he was only talking to the dog. He could have a face only a mother could love, but his voice alone made me want to pant and drool. Damn. I cleared my throat and walked over to the man as I watched him scratch Ranger behind his ears. His hair was a darker black than Ranger’s coat. His back was broad, straining against the plain gray t-shirt he wore. His blue jeans looked well worn, and he was wearing them well. As I checked out his jean-clad bottom, I crossed my arms in front of me. “Ranger has a mama, not a papa,” I said slowly. The man didn’t jump at all; he wasn’t surprised by my voice, as if he expected me to be there. Then, he slowly rose from his hunched position. I think I now know what that little boy Jack must have felt when he was watching the beanstalk grow. Holy Mother was this man large and in charge. I thought he was broad? No, he was a barn. I could see just how muscled his thighs were. He made a proud, tall six-foot woman like me feel like a pocket toy. He had to be at least six foot seven. I must have been drooling, because I felt a gnat fly in my mouth. I smacked my mouth shut and tried to pry my eyes from his chest to his face. Big mistake. The cerulean glare pinned me to the spot. This man was dangerous. I don’t know who he was, but my cop instinct was telling me to be careful. I had to get back in control. I wasn’t in high school anymore; I was thirty-four, damn it which meant no drooling over guys, barns…whatever the hell old blue eyes here was, I shouldn’t be drooling! He didn’t have on a hat, or a Stetson like many of the men I’d seen passing by, but he touched his two fingers to his head and nodded just the same, and then he smiled. He had the nerve to have perfect white teeth against that tanned skin of his. Please God, don’t let him work here! He walked toward me with an extended hand, a sure smile on his face. Taking my hand in his much larger one, he gave it a firm shake. “Well hello, Mama.” His voice was more dangerous than the criminals I locked up back home. Whatever it was this man was made of, they needed to bottle it and sell it to us lesser mortals. The combination of his warm hands and even warmer voice had me weak in the knees. I was here for a vacation, not to get caught up in sinful pleasures with whatever his name was. I tried pulling my hand from his grasp, but he just held tighter. I just stared at our hands entwined his tan skin against my chocolate hue; it was definitely a huge turn-on. Damn, I had only been around this guy for two seconds, and I’d thought about sex for most of it. I am in deep shit. “It’s not Mama, it’s Detective Layla Owens. Nice to meet you,” I said, giving another tug and getting my hands returned to me. I had to put my hands back in my jean pockets or I was going to be rubbing his chest like he was a magic lamp and I was trying to get a genie to pop out. Yeah, his pants’ genie. Ranger didn’t seem to be ready to make a move as he stood by the man as if I were the stranger. His inky eyebrows knit together as he folded his arm in front of his chest. His smile disappeared. “Is one of our boys in trouble? I told Grant that a couple of these newbies would be a handful, but I don’t think I’ve heard Sherriff Jim talk about a beautiful chocolate truffle working for him.” His voice dipped to a whisper as he looked me up and down. This man knew how to play the game; every move he made seemed deliberate and attuned to my need. Or maybe it was my need that was attuned to his movement? I shook my head and widened my stance, as if he were just another perp I was questioning. I held up my hand in order to stop whatever he was going to say next. “I am not on duty; I am on vacation, from out east.” There came that smile again. He walked closer still until he was looking down at me with those mysterious pools of blue. “So then it’s Layla Owens, and we can drop the ‘detective’? Unless, of course, you would like to frisk me…”

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It was meant to be a simple favor. Samara "Sam" Cole flew out to Montana to help her roommate with an auction being held on her brother's ranch. But while Samara knew about the auction, she didn't count on being in the auction! She also didn’t count on her instantaneous attraction to her roommate’s brother. Grant Stone had heard all about Samara from his little sister. He’d already been hard for her since his first glimpse, and the green cowgirl outfit pushed him over the edge. Despite her having a whole lot more sass than he usually liked his in women, he knew he had to have her. Samara was meant to be his, and she wasn't leaving Montana without knowing she was marked for him.




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