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Dreaming in Hues - Nevea Lane - Interracial Romance Author

Come in and let your passions, dreams and hopes collide.


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Coming Soon







After toiling, meditating and prayer.... Are you ready to meet Lucian Covaci and Ronni Cadell?






Ronni Cadell’sbusiness is in trouble, but she can hardly concentrate on her professional lifewhen her mother is constantly trying to set her up on dates and nagging herabout dying alone and miserable. 




Corporate raiderLucian Covaci knows Ronni’s business is floundering and she has been dodginghis company’s attempts to sit her down and buy her out.  Although he’s normally the silentout-of-sight type owner, Lucian takes her elusiveness in his own hands.  Ronni can’t dodge Lucian when he waltzes intoher charity fundraiser and places a ridiculously high bid for an hour of hertime.




Ronni can’tbelieve her luck when Lucian places a bid for a tour of her company.  Lucian can’t believe hejust acted so uncharacteristically just to meet a client.  Now Lucian must convince Ronni that hisinterest in her goes beyond just business.  




These characters took a while to development.  I spent a few months just coming up with their traits and habits.   I blogged about them, gave them their own pages on my blog. and Jayha and 'da crew' made them soar and fly.   What you want an excerpt?   Ok... lol



It was difficult to pretend he wasn’tenthused to spend more time with Ms. Cadell, but Lucian was having an evenharder time convincing himself that it was more for business thanpleasure.   From the moment she’d walkedup to him, he knew he had gotten himself into unfamiliar territory.   Yet he was also the same man who’d struckoff to America not knowing anything except that he needed to succeed. 

Lucian watched her as her eyes scanned thecrowd.  Ronni had the type of personalitythat any man would want to be around, and he couldn’t quite understand whyDarius would have called her a stubbornlittle thing.  She didn’t seemstubborn, and the way that dress hugged all of her ample curves, she wasn’tlittle.  Of course, Lucian hadn’t told her he was onehalf of the company that was trying to buy hers.  He still didn’t know what compelled him tobid one thousand dollars on a tour of her company, but he felt justified afterseeing the smile that lit up her beautiful face like a night sky.

Awestruck by her smile, Lucian felt himselfactually smile back. Damn, it hurt to exercise those muscles.  To cover his obvious discomfort with the actof smiling, Lucian reached up to rub his chin, feeling the stubble pepperinghis face.  He greatly needed to shave,and get some sleep, but he wasn’t ready to make the drive back home yet. 

As he watched his prey tiptoe toward him,he looked down at her shoes.  Although henever did understand why women subjected themselves to that form of torture, hehad to admit Ronni’s calves looked damn delicious when she walked in thoseblack stilettos, although they were still ridiculous. 

Ronni looked almost relieved when shefinally stood in front of him.  Before shecould utter a word, Lucian picked her up and carried her newlywed-style to thefountain he’d spied hidden behind the hedges of the massive lawn.   He felt something swell inside of him as sheclung to him, not protesting the fact that he’d just picked her up like aravaging barbarian.  Holding Ronni in hisarms at that moment just felt right, and he loathed putting her down when hereached the stone fountain.  Despite hisdesire to keep holding her, Lucian settled Ronni down on the edge of thegurgling Greek fountain and knelt before her, plucking off her stilettos.  Dipping his hand into the cool clear water ofthe fountain, Lucian scooped out some water and sprinkled it on her toes andbegan to massage her feet.


B is for BackSeat - Waiting in Essex

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Waiting in Essex - Newest Release from Nevea Lane -

Paxton Wainwright never planned oncoming home to Essex, Connecticut, especially after fifteen years of being freeof the title of the ‘mayor’s son’.The small town held nothing but dark memories and an unrequited need for onefemale, Delilah Gibbs.  Imagine his surprise when he returned home to seenone other than Delilah in his father’s bedroom, acting as his physicaltherapist.   Paxton still felt the same flash of need as he did allthose years ago.  The question is, can he make Delilah feel it too?  



As she flipped on the dim yellow overhead lamp in the garage, Delilah thought

about the infamous Paxton Wainwright. While she’d never had the pleasure of knowing

him as a friend in high school, their circle of friends being polar opposites, she'd heard

enough stories to know that Pax was destructive, brooding and moody. Opening the

back door to the same trusted 1980 Bentley T2 that her father drove, she climbed in,

pulling her legs up just as she’d done as a little girl. Thinking back to her high school

days, Delilah remembered Paxton as someone completely different from the battered

man she saw moments ago.

"I know I shouldn't even interfere," Delilah muttered, sighing, reaching across

the tan leather interior to pull the door closed. It didn't budge.

"Then why did you?" a dark, dangerous voice said from outside the vehicle.

Delilah gasped and pulled her hand back. Looking up, her eyes met the very

man her thoughts had conjured up. Paxton’s mysterious heather-gray eyes pinned her

into the butter-soft leather seats. She fixed her mouth into her professional grim scowl.

Tucking a stray tendril of hair behind her ear, Delilah cleared her throat.

"Because any child would want to know when their parent is hurt," Delilah said,

not letting her gaze falter from his.

"I'm not a child, miss." Delilah arched her meticulously plucked eyebrow. No,

but you sure are acting like one right now, she thought.

"I can see that you are a man, Mr. Wainwright." From the muscles bellowing to

rip apart that hunter green T-shirt he was wearing, Delilah could see he was, indeed, all


"I'm sorry, but can you come out of the car? I feel a little ridiculous talking to a

pair of legs."

"Why?" Delilah snapped. She didnt want to leave her comfort nest.


"Why are you talking to me, you should be in there with Ben," Delilah said.

“Maybe I wanted to say thank you. Maybe I wanted to see if you turned out to

be every bit of the brat I thought you were.”

Disturbing the Yuletide Available Now at Beautiful Trouble Publishing

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Topaz Aura Sinclair, aka DJ Bluefire, has been feeling a little lonely this holiday season—the first one she’s spending without her family. She’s even taken on extra gigs just to stay active during the season. At one of her assignments, she meets Sebastian Rosser, an ex-military officer turned caterer. Sparks fly immediately… But when one of Topaz’s gigs turns dangerous, will she and Sebastian find a way to keep their holiday bright?


Topaz laughed and looked at Sebastian. She finally took the moment to really study the man who was before her. He looked delicious and dark in his black slacks and turtleneck. His toned arms seemed about to split the shirt at the seams. The deep green of his eyes gave him a dangerous air and made Topaz shudder. Then she remembered the way he’d gotten her out of the brawling fiasco at the Den.

“What did you do before you became a chef, Sebastian?” He couldn’t possibly have been just a caterer all his life, not with those moves. “I was in the British Army. I enlisted young, and applied for my discharge about three years ago.” “I kinda figured you were military. You’re too sharp.” Sebastian lifted his eyebrow at her. She giggled and took another sip.

“What I mean is that you were cool under pressure. You didn’t seem to mind I was poking around in the kitchen when we met. Most caterers I know aren’t like that—they’re territorial.”

“Oh, I’m territorial, but not about food,” Sebastian countered, his tone serious. “I see. So what brings you to the States?” Topaz knew the hour was late, but she didn’t want to let him go just yet. It was better than being in her small apartment, lonely and cold. Christmas was merely a week away, and she didn’t want to think about spending it alone.

“Opportunity and a change of pace. Working with The Det, I spent most of my time in Northern Ireland, and London no longer seemed like home after my parents died, so the States seemed logical.” Topaz could relate to what Sebastian was feeling. She knew what it was like to feel out of place. “

"The ‘Det.’ What is that?” Topaz asked. “It’s a special recon unit. We’re plainclothes operatives, and that’s all I’m telling you,” Sebastian said, his lips playing around with the idea of a smile.

“Oh, it’s like that?” Topaz said, lifting her own eyebrow and staring at him. Sebastian gave a slight nod, and this time he actually did smile. Topaz gasped at the smile that transformed his face. It seemed to make the hard lines around his mouth disappear, and he looked so human. She felt a lump in her throat, and her words were lost. Sebastian Rosser was one fine man when he smiled.

* * *

Sebastian felt the sides of his face ache as he broke into a grin. He was sure he had smiled before he entered the military, but he’d never remembered it feeling so good. He was sure it was because of the company of one Topaz Sinclair. From his days in the military, Sebastian had used his contacts to dig up important information on Topaz.

Even with the little information he could find, he found that she soothed the restlessness he had been plagued with most of his life. He’d always been known as the one to take the first shot, the one to take the lead. With her, he didn’t want to jump in too fast, but he felt like he was on a roller coaster of emotions. “So tell me about you.”Sebastian said, knowing her soothing voice would calm the restlessness he was feeling again.

“What do you want to know?” Topaz asked, taking another sip of her coffee.

“Everything. Every last detail.” Sebastian didn’t mince words, but he didn’t think she would mind.

“Well, let’s see. I’m an only child. My mom and dad had me late in life, so they didn’t get the chance to have other children. They passed away earlier this year.” Sebastian nodded and again grabbed her hands. He was amazed at how small they seemed in his own. His thumbs circled over her palms, mindlessly tracing figure-eights on her warm skin. He looked at her long fingers, nails without polish, the simple silver thumb ring the only jewelry she wore.

She was simplicity personified, and he wanted to know everything about her. “I’m sorry. This time of year must be rough for you.” Sebastian gave his sympathy, but he couldn’t help but wonder if she would mind spending the holiday with him.

“Yeah, that’s why I took on so many extra gigs. I needed to be moving, doing something, anything.”

“So, what are your plans for the holiday then? More shows? Your calendar seemed pretty open.”

Topaz looked at him, and Sebastian could see the scrutiny. He braced himself for the question.

“Was tonight the only night you came looking for me, Sebastian?”

“No. I think I’ve been looking for you all my life.”

Interviews at Long and Short Reviews

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Hi All, Sorry, I have been slowly working on a new idea and it has consumed all of my time. Well that and the lovely State Fair that always has my mouth-watering and the feet tapping.

All of that aside, I am letting you know that I have been interviewed at LAS (Long and Short) Reviews and you have a chance to win a $10.00 (USD) gift certificate from my wonderful publishers at Beautiful Trouble Publishing. Stop by, leave a comment, share a thought, laugh at my insanity, whatever, just stop by!

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