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B is for BackSeat - Waiting in Essex

Posted on July 21, 2011 at 10:04 AM

Waiting in Essex - Newest Release from Nevea Lane -

Paxton Wainwright never planned oncoming home to Essex, Connecticut, especially after fifteen years of being freeof the title of the ‘mayor’s son’.The small town held nothing but dark memories and an unrequited need for onefemale, Delilah Gibbs.  Imagine his surprise when he returned home to seenone other than Delilah in his father’s bedroom, acting as his physicaltherapist.   Paxton still felt the same flash of need as he did allthose years ago.  The question is, can he make Delilah feel it too?  



As she flipped on the dim yellow overhead lamp in the garage, Delilah thought

about the infamous Paxton Wainwright. While she’d never had the pleasure of knowing

him as a friend in high school, their circle of friends being polar opposites, she'd heard

enough stories to know that Pax was destructive, brooding and moody. Opening the

back door to the same trusted 1980 Bentley T2 that her father drove, she climbed in,

pulling her legs up just as she’d done as a little girl. Thinking back to her high school

days, Delilah remembered Paxton as someone completely different from the battered

man she saw moments ago.

"I know I shouldn't even interfere," Delilah muttered, sighing, reaching across

the tan leather interior to pull the door closed. It didn't budge.

"Then why did you?" a dark, dangerous voice said from outside the vehicle.

Delilah gasped and pulled her hand back. Looking up, her eyes met the very

man her thoughts had conjured up. Paxton’s mysterious heather-gray eyes pinned her

into the butter-soft leather seats. She fixed her mouth into her professional grim scowl.

Tucking a stray tendril of hair behind her ear, Delilah cleared her throat.

"Because any child would want to know when their parent is hurt," Delilah said,

not letting her gaze falter from his.

"I'm not a child, miss." Delilah arched her meticulously plucked eyebrow. No,

but you sure are acting like one right now, she thought.

"I can see that you are a man, Mr. Wainwright." From the muscles bellowing to

rip apart that hunter green T-shirt he was wearing, Delilah could see he was, indeed, all


"I'm sorry, but can you come out of the car? I feel a little ridiculous talking to a

pair of legs."

"Why?" Delilah snapped. She didnt want to leave her comfort nest.


"Why are you talking to me, you should be in there with Ben," Delilah said.

“Maybe I wanted to say thank you. Maybe I wanted to see if you turned out to

be every bit of the brat I thought you were.”

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