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Dreaming in Hues - Nevea Lane - Interracial Romance Author

Come in and let your passions, dreams and hopes collide.


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Posted on November 10, 2011 at 3:15 PM

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After toiling, meditating and prayer.... Are you ready to meet Lucian Covaci and Ronni Cadell?






Ronni Cadell’sbusiness is in trouble, but she can hardly concentrate on her professional lifewhen her mother is constantly trying to set her up on dates and nagging herabout dying alone and miserable. 




Corporate raiderLucian Covaci knows Ronni’s business is floundering and she has been dodginghis company’s attempts to sit her down and buy her out.  Although he’s normally the silentout-of-sight type owner, Lucian takes her elusiveness in his own hands.  Ronni can’t dodge Lucian when he waltzes intoher charity fundraiser and places a ridiculously high bid for an hour of hertime.




Ronni can’tbelieve her luck when Lucian places a bid for a tour of her company.  Lucian can’t believe hejust acted so uncharacteristically just to meet a client.  Now Lucian must convince Ronni that hisinterest in her goes beyond just business.  




These characters took a while to development.  I spent a few months just coming up with their traits and habits.   I blogged about them, gave them their own pages on my blog. and Jayha and 'da crew' made them soar and fly.   What you want an excerpt?   Ok... lol



It was difficult to pretend he wasn’tenthused to spend more time with Ms. Cadell, but Lucian was having an evenharder time convincing himself that it was more for business thanpleasure.   From the moment she’d walkedup to him, he knew he had gotten himself into unfamiliar territory.   Yet he was also the same man who’d struckoff to America not knowing anything except that he needed to succeed. 

Lucian watched her as her eyes scanned thecrowd.  Ronni had the type of personalitythat any man would want to be around, and he couldn’t quite understand whyDarius would have called her a stubbornlittle thing.  She didn’t seemstubborn, and the way that dress hugged all of her ample curves, she wasn’tlittle.  Of course, Lucian hadn’t told her he was onehalf of the company that was trying to buy hers.  He still didn’t know what compelled him tobid one thousand dollars on a tour of her company, but he felt justified afterseeing the smile that lit up her beautiful face like a night sky.

Awestruck by her smile, Lucian felt himselfactually smile back. Damn, it hurt to exercise those muscles.  To cover his obvious discomfort with the actof smiling, Lucian reached up to rub his chin, feeling the stubble pepperinghis face.  He greatly needed to shave,and get some sleep, but he wasn’t ready to make the drive back home yet. 

As he watched his prey tiptoe toward him,he looked down at her shoes.  Although henever did understand why women subjected themselves to that form of torture, hehad to admit Ronni’s calves looked damn delicious when she walked in thoseblack stilettos, although they were still ridiculous. 

Ronni looked almost relieved when shefinally stood in front of him.  Before shecould utter a word, Lucian picked her up and carried her newlywed-style to thefountain he’d spied hidden behind the hedges of the massive lawn.   He felt something swell inside of him as sheclung to him, not protesting the fact that he’d just picked her up like aravaging barbarian.  Holding Ronni in hisarms at that moment just felt right, and he loathed putting her down when hereached the stone fountain.  Despite hisdesire to keep holding her, Lucian settled Ronni down on the edge of thegurgling Greek fountain and knelt before her, plucking off her stilettos.  Dipping his hand into the cool clear water ofthe fountain, Lucian scooped out some water and sprinkled it on her toes andbegan to massage her feet.


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